Attack of the Puppybots is a game on the Cartoon Network website.
Main shot


Mojo Jojo has kidnapped all of the puppies in townsville and is now turning them into evil robots. and tied The Powerpuff Girls up and barney the dinosaur coming to the rescue 

How to playEdit

The goal of the game is to fly around using the girls to hit the robots and turn them into dogs again. As they do, for extra points its important to grab those pups as they float towards you. There are three powerups to collect:

  • hearts: Raise your health bar
  • Candy: Makes you invincible for a short time
  • P-O-W: Upon spelling this out, the girls turn into the Ferocious Furious Feline to destroy all enemies on screen.


  • Arrows: Used to move your PPG around
  • Space Bar: Hit once to fire attack, holding it in releases a unique blast from one of the girls
  • X: Switches which PPG you play as



  • Fires three pink rays, one going straight and the others up and down
  • Her special involves her ice breath


  • Fires two small blue rays straight ahead.
  • Her special releases sonic screams


  • Shoots a big green ray straight ahead.
  • Her special involves her flying forward and beating up those around her.


  • The premise may be based on "Monkey see, Doggy do." in which Mojo turns the townsville townspeople into brainwashed dogs under his command. Although here, he turns the dogs of Townsville into puppybots.
  • The game was later given newer graphics based on the 2014 Dance Pantsed special.