Boy Toys Is Part 2 Of Season 5 Episode 8. It

Starts Off With Princess Stuck In Traffic. Because the Girls Are Fighting the Rowdyruff Boys Once Again. Until They Suddenly Crash Into Her Car. And Has Plan & Come and Ruins The Powerpuff Girls Only Chance To Defeat The Rowdyruff Boys. She Wants To Be On their Team But They Reject Her So Brick Calls Her a Lame Sissy Baby Girl. and Kicked Her. & The Boys Leave & Fly Until the Girls are Mad At Princess For Ruining their Fight. She Still Complains about Being Powerpuff Girl and They Follow Because Princess Has Weapons to Destroy the Rowdyruff Boys. & Blossom Accepts It. at The Boradwalk The Boys Robbed a Burger Store Name:Fish Mcfood. Then Next they Were Gonna Rob Video Games Next. Until Princess Returns & the Girls are In their Weapons until they Miss Them. Then The Rowdyruff Boys are So Exiticed. They Kick the Girls Out Of Their Plane. Boat & Tank. & The Girls Didn't Care So the Boys are Out Of Control. Hittin each other with the Weapons until they get so dizzy and Crazy they Destroyed the Weapons. Brick Couldn't Stop Laughing Boomer Couldn't Breath & Butch Can't Move. So the Boys Got Defeated Once Again By the Powerpuff Girls! and Leave Princess at The Boardwalk.

Note:Because It's Part 2 Of This Episode Because HIM Said The Boys Are Back So After The Boys

Are Back In Town Ended They Fought the Girls Again In Part 2 Boy Toys.