Cartoon Snapshot was a game released on Cartoon network for the Powerpuff Girls.
Main screen


The city of Townsville is full of action. With citizens like the Powerpuff Girls residing the action never stops! Everyday is full of new adventure. Its your job as the Photographer of the "Townsville daily" to capture all of this on film.

How to playEdit

This game uses only a mouse to point and click. In each level you are given stickers and a headline/sentence describing how the scene should look. You must then pick the stickters to use and then click on the camera to take a snapshot. With each "Sticker" you can change its size, pose and what not by clicking on it.

The words and scene randomize with each round of play. Ranging from the classroom, the mayors office, Outside of Townsville, the mayors office entrance, Outside of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten,


  • You lookin' for trouble pal? You came to the right place.
  • Go right ahead Bubbles.... YOU'RE NOT BUBBLES!
  • And once again the day is saved, Thanks to, the powerpuff Girls!
  • Time for another decree
  • Oh no! they got Sara Bellum!
  • This calls for Triple-Team Action!
  • Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup: To the rescue!
  • This is no time for Gardening!
  • Thats one Explosive situation!

Stickers to choose fromEdit

  1. 3 pink POW icons
  2. Thoughtful Bubbles
  3. Bubbles sitting
  4. Bubbles flying to the side to punch
  5. Bubbles punching upward
  6. Bubbles watering plants
  7. Bubbles kicking
  8. Bubbles flying while waving to the viewer
  9. Bubbles in normal fly pose
  10. Blossom giving a speech
  11. Blossom standing
  12. Blossom in a happy pose
  13. Blossom posing
  14. Blossom fighting
  15. Blossom digging a hole to plant flowers
  16. Blossom nuzzling a bunny
  17. Blossom in normal fly pose
  18. Blossom flying towards the screen
  19. Blossom in a double kick
  20. Blossom Reading
  21. Buttercup normal fly pose
  22. Buttercup fighting
  23. Buttercup laughing
  24. Buttercup in kick pose
  25. Buttercup about to fight
  26. Buttercup punching
  27. Buttercup in flight pose
  28. The professor talking
  29. Professor posing
  30. Professor Laughing
  31. Professor being lifted
  32. Miss Keane
  33. Miss Bellum
  34. The mayor pointing
  35. Mayor reading a document
  36. a random monster
  37. a pile of beaten up enemies
  38. Mojo Jojo standing
  39. Mojo with the Anubis Head
  40. Mojo being hit
  41. Mojo being hit upward
  42. Mojo hit to the side
  43. Mojo standing now facing the screen
  44. The black guy pretending to be buttercup
  45. The muscled guy pretending to be Bubbles
  46. The leader pretending to be Blossom
  47. Him being hit upward
  48. Him being hit
  49. Him's face being hit upward
  50. Him standing
  51. Snake being hit upward
  52. Snake standing
  53. Grubber being hit
  54. Grubber standing
  55. Ace being hit
  56. Big billy standing
  57. Big Billy being hit
  58. Arturo standing
  59. Fuzzy Lumpkins being hit
  60. Fuzzy being hit upward
  61. Fuzzy being hit
  62. Fuzzy sent flying
  63. Fuzzy standing
  64. A bunch of stars
  65. 2 golden/yellow hit or "Impact" marks
  66. 2 light blue hit marks
  67. 2 sparkly pink hit marks.


  • Techniqually there is no way to fail this game. If you click the camera and did not do anything then it will still show the same results.
  • Blossom has the most stickers, being 10. Buttercup only have 7 and Bubbles has 7.
  • Blossom's eyes are wrongly colored in one of the stickers, being without color.
  • In buttercups laughing sticker her eyelids are blue.
  • The pile of enemies beaten up was later used as a magnet from the PPG activity sets.