This Episode Started Off Weird It Starts Off With Professor's New Machine He Made With Switching Oranges & Apples.But All the Sudden Failed Then Makes Everyone In Townsville to Switch Bodies. So It Turns Out Professor Needs To Figure Out How To Switch Everyone Back In Their Bodies. So the Girls Need to Fight the Villains Include: the Gangreen Gang,Fuzzy & Mojo Jojo To Find Out Who Is In The Bodie. So the Girls Are Fighting The Villains In The Other Person's Body. Until Professor Tries To Fix the Machine & Get Everyone Switched. So they Keeping on Fighting Mojo Until Professor Kept On Switching the Machine Over and Over Until Finally Got In their Right Bodies so the Girls are Back In their Bodies Mojo Jojo Got Defeated Again. Sent to Jail Once again And The Narrator's Voice Was In Bubbles Body at The End Then Bubbles Said the Narrator's Outro Thing. Very Funny.


Dexter Made another Cameo. When Professor Was Switching Right

There With Ms.Bellum Switched. & the Creators Craig McCracken,Don Shank & Paul Rudish appear as Cartoon Characters.