Not to be confused with Donnie.
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Donny, also called Donny the Unicorn, is a talking unicorn and friend of the Powerpuff Girls, particularly Bubbles.


Horn Sweet HornEdit

Odd Bubbles OutEdit

He visits Bubbles as part of a school exchange program.

The Last DonnycornEdit

Total Eclipse of the KartEdit


Donny is a pony with a white coat, yellow mane, light blue hooves, and black eyes. In later episodes, his mane is brushed back and his small blue horn is visible.


Donny appears to be laidback and carefree; he occasionally addresses as "brah", and he faces most situations with a blissful ignorance.


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  • Donny is revealed in his debut episode to actually be a unicorn, but his mother withheld that information he was to go on a quest of self-discovery. His horn is so small, it was covered by his mane. 
  • Due to his short stature and overall appearance, Donny resembles many of the characters featured in Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise (which coincidentally the Friendship is Magic franchise was developed by Craig McCracken's wife, Lauren Faust).
    • His ability to talk, despite being an animal, is reminiscent of the original series character Talking Dog.