Down n' Dirty Season 2 Episode 5 Following Beat Your Greens.

This Episode starts off the Girls fighting a oil Monster Causing Townsville gettin

dirty. until they Come Home and Professor Made the Girls a bath. but Except Buttercup doesn't take One & Refeues To Take a Bath. the Next Day the Girls fight an Elephant-Beast Monster Shooting disgusting Slime Snot. But Buttercup Onces again Gets Even more Dirty so Blossom & Bubbles take another bath. & Buttercup doesn't Join again Until They Kick her Out the House that Night For Stinking the House Up with her Stetch Smell. So that Morning. Buttercup fights more Monsters then gets Hit by a Truck Of Some Oil Again then Is Late to School At Pokey Oaks Kindergarden. Then Kids Smell her Stench so Ms.Keane Makes a Fire Drill and Leaves Her. so Then Buttercup is Chased by angry mob until Finally she Reliazes to Take a Bath. then Blossom and Bubbles clean her up Good then Blossom said this:you know Buttercup you maybe Clean but your Attiude Still Stinks.