This page belongs to merchandise people have claimed to be real. Most of these, like plushes, toys, and alarm clocks, can be found on eBay or just from doing random searches.

For good quality real merchandise see: Merchandise.

Plush toysEdit

Fake merch

Bubbles, Bumblebee...? Buttercup, and...Bunny?

These dolls were seen around a image search, the Bubbles and Buttercup ones look normal, minus small oddities like two thin stripes on the dresses instead of one thick one. But Blossom's eyes and dress are now yellow, while a entirely new girl was made, she has Blossom's eyes and outfit but had purple pulled back hair with a tiny ribbon.


Someone on YouTube had put up a video for "Wind up toys" and self admitted that they were made by them. These were four wind ups including Mojo Jojo in a yellow object/vehicle and Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup riding small trikes.

Alarm clocksEdit

There are unlicensed Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup alarm clocks that play music and talk. There are videos of them on YouTube. Blossom's dress lacks the thick stripe and is a lighter shade of pink, some Bubbles alarm clocks look fine except for her dress which is a lighter shade of blue (there is also one on YouTube which has green eyes, a darker shade of blue on her dress, and black arms), and Buttercup looks normal (except for one video which features her with light blue eyes and a dress), but plays Under the Sea (just like Blossom), which hint that these are extremely fake.


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