Fast and Flurrious is a game released on the Cartoon Network website for the Powerpuff Girls.

Story/theme of the gameEdit

Its a snowboarding game where the player must perform tricks as they ride down the slippery slopes and rack up points. No real story is given so its to be assumed the girls are simply playing/having fun at a winter resort.


The player can choose from all three girls (Or Mojo), as well as one of the four snowboards, and can choose to play from six different slopes. It plays as followed:

  • Use the up or down arrow key to turn.
  • 1: Perform a horizontal flip
  • 2: perform a vertical flip
  • 3: 360

There are six powerups: A heart, bunny head, Star, Green flower, pink flower, and a snowflake. Bubbles is good for beginners, Blossom is for intermediate, and Buttercup is for expert players.


  • While Blossom and Buttercups extra colors are dark, Bubbles has white instead.
  • On the main image while Bubbles and Buttercup's boards are the color of their suits. Blossoms is much lighter.
  • Recently, Mojo Jojo was added as a playable Character. Previously he had to be unlocked.
  • In her losing image, Blossoms gloves and boot like parts of her outfit are white instead of dark pink/red. Buttercup also has this problem in her wipeout image.
  • The title is based on the series, Fast and Furious.
  • Mojo Jojo is the only character with a unique set of boards. As all of the PPG's have flat snowboards.
  • When doing one of his tricks, Mojo will pull off his helmet.
  • This was originally a Cartoon Network Power Play Game, but was later made as an online game.