Pillow Fight is a game released on the Cartoon Network website.


its as the name explains. A pillow fight in which you pick one of the PPG and throw pillows at the others. The one with most points wins.


  • The arrow keys are used to move around
  • Spacebar is used to throw the pillow

Each girl has a specialty that the others do not posses. Such as Blossom who can throw the fastest, Bubbles can move the fastest, and Buttercup can recover the fastest.


  • While Blossom has a heart and Bubbles has a Star on their pillows. Buttercups is plain green.
  • Whenever a girl is hit, the space between her arm and head is white
  • The blanket is colored pink, blue, then green. Instead of the usual Blue, Pink, Green.
  • The "That means you lose, duh." message if you lose could reference something Bubbles used to say in the earlier episodes of Powerpuff Girls. When she would reply, "Duh" at the end of a sentence.
  • Also, Professor Utonium will randomly appear while he says, "Girls, calm down!" and if any of the girls hit him in time, they will earn two points.