The first season began in 1998 when the series had begun. It ended in 1999 with 17 episodes (but if you were to divide each two episodes within a episode, then it had 34 episodes.)

Because these episodes were the actual series, you can see the "What a Cartoon! Shorts" Listed here: What a Cartoon! Shorts. They are not to be considered Season one episodes. Below you will see the title and original airdate. For addition information please view the page.

  1. Mommy Fearest
  2. Monkey see, Doggy do
  3. Insect Inside
  4. Powerpuff Bluff
  5. Octi Evil
  6. Geshundfight
  7. Buttercrush
  8. Fuzzy Logic
  9. Boogie Frights
  10. Abracadaver
  11. Telephonies
  12. Tough Love
  13. Major Competition
  14. Mr. Mojo's rising
  15. Paste makes Waste
  16. Ice Sore
  17. Bubblevicious
  18. The Bare Facts
  19. Cat man Do
  20. Impeach Fuzz
  21. Just another Manic Mojo
  22. Mime for a change
  23. The RowdyRuff Boys
  24. Uh Oh Dynamo


  • If one would take into consideration that the whoop-ass girls cartoon, and the two mini cartoons as part of season one. Then in total it had 20 episodes and 37 cartoons shown in total.
  • This is the only season so far with the entire episode collection on DVD released. It was released in time for the PPG's tenth anniversary.