The fourth season aired beginning on April 4th 2001. It ended in June 6st 2002. This was the final season with the previous look before everything had beem majorly redone. The Powerpuff girls Movie came out at the end of this season.

The infamous cancled episode "Deja Vu" was made into a Comic. It introduces The Powerpunk Girls. For more information, please view the comic in which the episode was made into.

Episode ListEdit

  1. Film Flam
  2. All Chalked Up
  3. Get back Mojo
  4. Him Diddle Riddle
  5. Members Only
  6. Knock it Off
  7. Superfriends
  8. Nano of the North
  9. Stray Bullet
  10. Forced Kin


  • This season was entirely compiled of single episode, episodes. Which makes it the shortest season, being with 10 episodes in total, a movie, and a cancled episode.
  • Stray bullet was based off of one of the comics while All Chalked up was one of the chapter books.