Season five began after the previous season released The powerpuff Girl Movie. It started on October 7th 2003, with a Christmas Special. If you dont count that however, then it officially began on December 6st 2002. It ended on May 14th 2004. Nineteen episodes in total were made.

Episode ListEdit

  1. 'Twas the Fight before Christmas
  2. Keane on Keane
  3. Not so Awesome Blossom
  4. Para-Noia
  5. Monstra-City
  6. Shut the Pup up
  7. Toast of the Town
  8. Divide and Conquer
  9. Burglar Alarmed
  10. Shotgun Wedding
  11. Save Mojo
  12. Substitute Creature
  13. The Boys are back in Town
  14. Pee Pee G's
  15. Boy Toys
  16. Seed no Evil
  17. City of Clipsville
  18. Lying around the House
  19. Bubbles Boy
  20. Documentary
  21. Girls Gone Wild
  22. Curses
  23. Bang for your Buck
  24. Silent Treatement
  25. Sweet 'N Sour
  26. Prime Mates
  27. Coupe D'Etat
  28. Makes Zen to Me
  29. Say Uncle
  30. Reaking Havoc
  31. Live and let Dynamo
  32. Mo'Linguish
  33. Oops I did it again
  34. A made up Story


  • For most airings of this season, or at least the first time the episodes aired. They were given a wide screen appearence.
  • This was the first season to introduce the new design. Said new design had smoothed everything and darkened the colors somewhat.