The six and final season began on June 25th 2004. It ended on March 25th 2005. However, if one would consider the special made four years later. It ended on January 19th 2009.

Episode ListEdit

  1. Little Miss Interprets
  2. Night Mayor
  3. Custody Battle
  4. City of Nutsville
  5. Aspirations
  6. That's not my Baby!
  7. Simian Says
  8. Sun Scream
  9. The City of Frownsville
  10. West in Pieces
  11. Crazy Mixed up Puffs
  12. Mizzed in Action
  13. What's the big Idea
  14. Roughing it up
  15. Nuthin' Special
  16. Neighboor Hood
  17. I see a Funny Cartoon in your Future
  18. Octi-Gone
  19. The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!
  20. See me, Feel me, Gnomey


  • This is the only season to feature a banned episode.