Telephonies Season 1 Episode 6 Following Tough Love.

The Gangreen Gang Who are Green Skin-Teenagers. Are Making Prank Calls To Townsville People & Make the Mayor Leave His Office and the Gang Uses the Hotline Of the Girls. & Mojo Jojo Is Taking a Break reading The Paper. and Relaxing HIM Is Watching TV To Get Active. And Fuzzy Taking a Bath So the Girls Don't Know what's Going On. So the 3 Villains are trying to Figure Who's Been Doing This so they Find Out about The Gangreen Gang Prank Calling. they Break In and Give the Gang a Beatdown. For Making Prank Calls To the Girls and Them, the Mayor Comes Back and Calls the Girls Again and Then Don't Believe him So they Break the Hotline With Buttercup's Heatray. so the Girls Go to Sleep. and Looks Like Fuzzy HIM And Mojo Jojo Saved the Day.

Note:The Gangreen Gang Was Never Seen For Awhile. Until

SchoolHouse Rocked They Made an Appearence Again.