Originally the PowerPuff Girls had started as a small film by Craig McCracken. They were named "The Whoop-ass
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Girls" until it was picked up by Cartoon Network. Forced to change the name, the Whoop-ass Girls were short lived and can be considered the "Pilot" of the series.

There were two mini-cartoons. One being the intro to the series which showed the Professor making the perfect little girl, much as they do in the current series intro. Then as they appear, it shows them going to fight the, back then un-named, Gangreen Gang.

The next episode: Whoopass Stew: A sticky Situation. Stars the girls as they go to stop a back robbery. This episode may have been the inspiration for one of the "What a Cartoon! Show" shorts.


  • This is the only time the perfect little girl was actually shown
  • The PPG being made from a Can of Whoop-ass is from the phrase "Open a can of Whoop-ass" which basically means, kick butt.
  • The opening was most likely inspired by this series.
  • its rumored this series wasn't going to be for Children but since Cartoon Network wanted it they had to re-tool it in order to meet the rating requirements.
  • It was said the reason the Whoop-ass girls was picked was due to its style.