This episode, created in 1992 was the "second pilot" for the original Powerpuff Girl series "The Whoop-Ass Girls". It is techniqually one of the first powerpuff girl cartoons ever introduced/created, but since the series did not appear until six years later and renamed, it could just be the pilot for a series that never became.


This mini-cartoon introduces the series as the girls go to stop a bank robbery.


The episode begins with the city, a person is explaining said town when a sudden woman's cry for help interupts the beautiful images. She exclaims that the bank is being robbed by three gelatinous like bandits. The Amoeba boys! The group runs (or slimes) away as quickly as they can with the stolen money. Threatening to use guns if someone tries to stop them when suddenly the whoop-ass Girls arrive!

The leader of the amoeba boys initiates attack by sending the other two to fight the girls. They attack but alas, the girls end up sticking to their sticky surface. Struggle as they might, they just cant get loose. Its then Blossom gets the idea to fly towards the sun, where the Amoeba boys melt from being too close to such a hot surface. After they fall off, the Whoop-Ass girls fly back into town while the speaker from before begins to talk. The three girls wave to the camera before flying off...


  • Right before the WAG arrive, they are seen holding guns. A second later the guns vanish.
  • The smallest Amoeba boy looks to be the same size as the other two when they have the girls captive.


  • Blossom: Follow me girls!
  • (the girls fly in the sky with the Amoeba Boys)
  • Narrator: Where are they taking them? ...TO THE SUN?!


  • The Amoeba Boys: Ay, it's The Whoopass Girls! Let's get 'em!


  • All three powerpuff Girls were voiced by Jennifer Fried
  • This is the only time in the entire series the "Perfect little Girl" is shown
  • As shown in the intro, the ingrediants remain the same as they are now, but drawn and shown to be very different.
  • The original Professor resembles a old version of Dexter from Dexters Laboratory.
  • The Amoeba boys were actually competent villians instead of their normal goofy-ness.
  • This episode is the shortest of the entire series. Being two minutes Long. And only half of this time was a episode. The rest was the intro/Theme song clip.
  • Characters introduced: Blossom, 'Bubbles, Buttercup, Amoeba Boys.