Intro screen

A game from the Cartoon Network Powerpuff Girl website.


Abracadaver is reaking havoc and its up to you, as the powerpuffs to save the day!

How to playEdit

This game is a simple point and click. As their are many things trying to get in your way the goal is to finish the level, somewhat similiar to "Attack of the Puppybots." Except in this game you must click on things to prevent harm being done. There is only two levels, but they are long in length. A person could beat the game in 10 minutes or less if they don't run into any problems.


  • Magic Elements: Zap them by clicking
  • Magic Bag: Returns you to the start of the level.
  • Zombie Animals: Click on objects to stop them.


  • Despite touching things like electrical cords on telephone poles, the girls do not get shocked. Which is common for people or small animals that aren't careful with telephone cords.